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If you are an influencer in Belgium and you are looking for a safe agency to collaborate with, you have come to the right place.

We work closely with our influencers to make sure they are be able to work with brands that fit their style the most. We guarantee you will always be able to work with the brands you want, and most importantly – be yourself.

Are you still wondering what the benefits of being part of our agency are?

Let us give you some info on our work to help you decide:

  • Nano and Micro do not mean small to us, the most important is that you remain authentic and remain engaged with your audience.
  • Being in our database means that you have a 90% higher chance of being selected to work with a brand.
  • We work with all kinds of influencers: sports, fashion, music, lifestyle, beauty, travel, technology, parenting, and especially with those niche influencers that have a one-of-a-kind passion.
  • We offer training! Our workshops in social media and influencer marketing not only help you grow your Instagram account, but also helps your profile become more attractive for brands, and of course, it is a great opportunity for networking since you will be in touch with many other influencers & brands. The best part is that it is free!
  • Authenticity: we know how complicated it can be sometimes to come up with creative ideas for a specific campaign. We help you create content that fits your personality – but you are also free to come up with your own ideas.
  • Guidelines: we help you stay in the safe side of the network by giving you the influencer guidelines required for ads on Instagram.
  • It’s free to be part of our data base.

some of our campaigns

Testimonial : “The workshops of Efluenz are really worth it! Thanks to them, I learned how to make the most of my profile to get more out of my company. At least 30-40% of my clients got to know me through IG, so that’s a lot. Moreover, they are completely free, and you make interesting new connections every time, so there is really no reason not to go!

Testimonial : “It was very interesting to work with Efluenz and their top team. Thanks to them I’ve got to know new and interesting brands. Efluenz is a very pleasant company and incredibly sweet employees!

Testimonial : “Thanks to Efluenz I had the chance to collab with poppy and proximus. Had a great experience with them and hope to get more thanks to efluenz! Great team, great people & they give awesome tips for your instagram to grow.

our events for influencers

Our events are a very important step for you to learn more about social media and meet us in person.

During the events, our team of experts will give you great content on the new trends to follow in order to grow and keep your Instagram nice and neat.

Event for influencers


10/04/19 - Factory Forty - LIMITED SPOTS!

Event for influencers


Futur event

Drop us your info and we will be in touch soon!