Why Micro Influencers are the future

The last five years have seen rapid changes in the social media. These changes affect every decision a marketer takes, and the accelerating pace of change is not likely to slacken any time soon.

Recent developments show that Micro influencers are about to become even more influential in the years ahead. They really are the future!

Micro influencers give strong results:

Firstly, micro influencers have credible voices. This is because they are fans of the brands they write about. When they post about these brands to their followers the message gets through. Their recommendations feel as though they are coming from a friend, and this is what promotes and sells the brand.

Secondly, they give understandable content that engages the audience. Micro influencers are not celebrities: they are just like the people who follow them. This means people can easily relate to them. Micro influencers share the same interests and values as their followers, so the content they create is more likely to engage people.

Thirdly, they are less expensive. Miro-influencer advertising is a lot less expensive than traditional advertising. This is because there are no agencies to pay and no budgets to worry about.

Finally, they are easy to work with. There are no project managers or projects. Once the influencer has the product, he or she is the one who will spread the word.

The future of micro influencers:

Social media will soon give everyone the chance to ’influence’ hundreds or thousands of people. Brands will look more and more for creative and distribution channels that use smart phones that have the same qualities as DSLR cameras and editing software.

In the next five years, advertising will move into innovative territory. The only thing that remains to be seen is how far brands will take advantage of this influencer marketing boom.

  1. Instagram will continue to be one of the best social media
    Most influencers prefer Instagram to other platforms because Instagram has a stronger visual appeal. Influencers find it easier to create content using an image rather than writing long posts.
  2. Multi-channel marketing
    Compared to underperformers, successful marketers will be more likely to deploy their marketing efforts across a range of devices and channels.
  3. Rising budgets
    There is a growing demand from influencers for fair pay and not free products.
    The marketing budget of the future will therefore increase.
  4. Use of technology to measure success
    Companies are more focused than ever on measuring their influencer marketing outcomes. This can be done via influencer marketing platforms or software.
  5. Shift to steady, long term-relationships
    Brands are now focusing on working with influencers as partners rather than merely using them as contractors. Influencers are more invested when they feel more respected.


Now that you are aware of the current influencer marketing landscape, and you have some crucial insights into what the future will bring, you can use this information to develop and improve your marketing strategies and expectations.  We’re glad to have been of help!

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