Why we believe in Micro-Influencers

On social media, the huge macro-influencers make up just a small percentage of all the influencers out there. In addition to the macro-influencers, there are thousands of what we call “micro-influencers” or “nano-influencers”.

The number of people following nano & micro – influencers ranges from less than a thousand to around ten thousand, and they are very engaged with the influencers they follow. The average Instagram engagement rate is 3%. With nano & micro-influencers the average engagement rate is 5 to 7%. It’s easier to build a deep and authentic relationship with someone who doesn’t have that many followers but who shares your interests and values.

Since the beginning of 2018 companies and marketing agencies have realized that micro-influencers and their followers are even more useful than major internet stars with millions of followers. We are beginning to understand that the authenticity of the micro- and nano-influencers is something that people on social media are looking for nowadays.

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